Take Care of Your Check Engine Light

Get engine repair and diagnostic work

Your car's engine is one of its most complex parts. Since it interacts with so many other systems in your vehicle, there are a number of reasons that it might fail. If your engine is acting strangely or breaking down, bring your vehicle to Superior Auto Service & Sales of NY.

Our auto shop can diagnose your engine to find the problem. Then, we'll perform the appropriate engine repair work. We'll give you an honest price and explain your options so you can make the best decision for your vehicle.

Schedule auto repairs today when you contact our shop in Middletown, New York.

tie rod replacement Middletown, NY

We can repair any issue

Superior Auto Service & Sales is owned by a mechanic who has been repairing cars for nearly 40 years. We have the tools and skills necessary to fix all kinds of car problems.

Our services include...

  • Engine and transmission repair
  • Replacing timing belts and brake pads
  • Fixing water pumps and air conditioning systems

We'll find the issue with your vehicle and provide an effective fix so you can stay mobile. Visit our auto shop in Middletown, New York for engine or transmission repair services.