Are You Locked Out of Your Car?

Call us for car key programming

Whether you can't get into your vehicle or can't turn it on, a malfunctioning key makes your car useless. Fortunately, this problem doesn't have to become a nightmare. Superior Auto Service & Sales of NY offers car key programming services in Middletown, NY.

We can create a new key for your car if you...

  • Locked your keys in your vehicle
  • Have an old key that stopped working
  • Lost your keys altogether

Replace your keys by contacting us today.

engine repair Middletown, NY

Increase the functionality of your vehicle

Tired of fumbling around, trying to get your key in the ignition? There's no reason you can't have automatic start technology in your car. We perform car key programming that can give your keys the power to start your vehicle's engine. You'll have a car that feels modern and makes your drive more efficient every day.

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