Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Bring your car in for transmission or engine repair in Middletown, NY

Engine and transmission problems are serious and can affect your safety on the road. If you need engine repair or transmission repair service, bring your car to Superior Auto Service & Sales of NY. We serve the city of Middletown, New York and the surrounding communities. Trust us with all your mechanical repairs, from tire checks and check engine lights to air conditioning and transmission issues.

Don't let your check engine light taunt you any longer. Make an engine repair appointment with Superior Auto Service & Sales of NY today by calling 845-344-2393.

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All the electronics in your car need to be programmed eventually

With futuristic cars making their way onto the road, car maintenance becomes more than just nuts and bolts. Electronics in your car often require programming to update or fix them. Superior Auto Service & Sales of NY can take care of your:

  • Automatic windows
  • Keys and key fobs
  • Audio systems
Are you in Middletown, New York or the nearby area? Bring in your car for your electronics, engine or transmission repair today.